Five top scientific advances

The most important scientific advances published during 2015 have been elected by our Principal Investigators

Top five: The methodology to choose the most efficient treatment for hepatitis C, a new drug to reduce clinical progression of primary progressive MS, the study that detects high prevalence of schistosomiasis in Angola, a mechanism involved in the resistance to antitumor treatment and an improvement to drug response of breast and colon cancer with nanomedicine.

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The Strategic Year

2015 has been a turning point year. It marked the end of the 2011-15 and the beginning of the 2016-20 Strategic Plan

During the last five years VHIR has reached a leadership position in the biomedical research centers of Spain, especially in clinical research and specifically in clinical trials. The next five years must serve to establish this position and to be recognized as an excellent research center in Europe. Internationalization and precision medicine will be some of the keys to take the research of today to the medicine of tomorrow.

New distributions, same target

Vicenç Martínez Ibáñez and Joan Comella, CEO of Vall d’Hebron Hospital and VHIR respectively, explain the main recent transformations of our institute

VHIR has evolved to keep being the cutting edge center of what we now call Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus to do our best for patients. Our research groups have been redistributed from 10 to 8 research areas to increase collaborations and all of them have been evaluated and participated in a very positive Scientific Retreat.

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Innovating in
Health research

Our bet for the innovation has increased with a Training Program on Innovation and VHIR’s Innovation Contest became the Catalan Innovation Contest.

7 sessions with first-rate speakers talked about new business opportunities in hospitals, negotiations on the transfer of knowledge or Spin off creation. We also organized for the second time the Innovation Contest, in this edition opened for all Catalonia.

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Our best friends

1.500 friends of VHIR and Vall d’Hebron research have been funding the training of 11 young reseatrchers at our institute.

9 new funded young researchers during 2015 thanks to our best friends. People’s solidarity that allows the beginning of a scientific career in our labs doing their PhD Thesis in, for instance, oncology, neuroscience or infectious diseases. They are the future of our research, and it wouldn’t be possible without the support of our friends, that also visit us to learn and enjoy from these young talented researchers.

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