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Joan-Ramon Laporte

Researchers Cristina Aguilera Martin, Maria Antònia Agustí Escasany, Josep Castel Llobet,  María Gloria Cereza García, Immaculada Danés Carreras, Eduard Diogène Fadini, Pili Ferrer Argelés, Albert Figueras Suñé, Immaculada Fuentes Camps, Núria García Dolade, Luisa Ibáñez Mora, Francisco Javier Medel Rebollo, Angeles Mesas Idáñez, Ma Victoria Ribera Canudas, Dolores Rodríguez Cumplido, Mònica Sabaté Gallego, Xavier Vidal Guitart, Maria Elena Ballarín Alins, Eulàlia Pérez Esquirol, Lourdes Vendrell Bosch | Researchers in training Mónica Tarapues, Maria Lujan Iavecchia, Ahmad Safiya | Data management, technical and administrative staff Jose J Barroso Garcia, Montserrat Pérez González, Ramon Puig Tressera

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The FICF is a tenderer of an European Consortium led by the Utrecht University to perform post-authorisation effectiveness and pharmacoepidemiology research to generate evidence to support EMAs regulatory decision-making.

In 2015 several articles were published by FICF researchers, on pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology, drug utilization, and clinical trials. To note, four papers from the PROTECT project have been published (four led by members of our group and two in collaboration) in peer reviewed journals, focusing on sources of data on inhospital consumption of medicines in Europe, and the utilization of respiratory medicines. The PROTECT final report has been elaborated and submitted.

The results of the study on the operative management of antithrombotic therapy have been presented in an international congress. There have been several publications in the research lines of acute renal failure, inappropriate use of medicines in the elderly patients, and in the study and pain treatment.


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