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Epidemiology & Public Health

Magda Campins Marti

Team Lluis Armadans Gil, Xavier Martínez Gómez, Jose Angel Rodrigo Pendás, José María Sánchez García, Josep Vaqué Rafart, Susana Otero Romero, Sonia Uriona Tuma, Valentina Balasso, Esther Ferrer Gramunt



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The broad purpose of the Epidemiology and Public Health research group is contributing to increase the available scientific evidence regarding preventive interventions. We are primarily dedicated to epidemiology and prevention of infectious diseases, in both individual and population levels.

During 2015, we have been working in cooperative and singular research projects related with morbidity associated with vaccine-preventable diseases, mainly in vaccination coverage, efficacy, immunogenicity and safety. We also actualized the “Prevalence of Nosocomial Infections Study in Spain” (EPINE) that involved the participation of more than 250 hospitals. A competitive funding proposal was accepted to analyze the information collected in this study related with nosocomial infection by resistant microorganisms. We have also started a 3-year project to analyze the risk factors related with herpes zoster in Catalonia.


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